Securing funding is one of the most challenging aspects of starting and scaling an AI solution that could transform the healthcare landscape. To help match-make start-ups with investors, raise your solution profile and drive industry innovation forward, we have created Shark Tank @ AIMed24.


Companies wishing to apply will be required to submit via our submissions form below. Apply now!


Companies wishing to apply should complete the form below by 1 May 2024

You will have the opportunity to benefit from a consultancy package from EnableHealth, including a 2 hour deep dive/investment strategy and company audit. 

Finalists will also get a free pass to the Summit.


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“We are ecstatic to be part of AIMed”, said Third Eye Founder and CEO Samyakh Tukra. “For a budding new startup like ours it is a perfect platform to get our story heard, network with people that can help us grow to achieve our mission for saving lives and to learn from other great startups.”


I appreciate Ai-Med providing startup’s like Kinometrix the platform to share their visions with a large audience. The pitches highlighted how AI is going to positively impact healthcare, and I am honored to have been chosen by the judges. I look forward to being in the audience at next year’s Global Summit