AI in Triage

Power of EHR Data to

Improve Decision-Making


Join Chris Chmura MSN, RN, CEN whi will be looking at AI in Triage: How Emergency Nurses Harnessed the Power of EHR Data to Improve Decision-Making

Ai Unlocking the Power of NLP And Generative AI In Healthcare


Join Dr Calum Yacoubian and guests as they explore Real World application of Natural Language Processing in healthcare

Accelerating AI in healthcare: The critical role of expert feedback


2023: The year of AI, but the human-AI partnership is key.

Join us to discuss the critical role that clinicians play in helping to build AI

To Pay or Not to Pay for the Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence-supported digital applications (AI applications) are expected to transform radiology. However, providers need the motivation and incentives to adopt these technologies.