International attendees are encouraged to apply for a valid entry visa for the purpose of attending Ai-Med Global Summit 2024 at your earliest possible convenience.

For current information on the U.S. visa application process, news and policies, please visit the U.S. Department of State Visa Home. Learn more about Business Travel (B-1) to the U.S. on a B-1 visitor visa.

We recommend you visit the US Embassy in your country to determine what documentation is required. Find your country’s embassies and consulates to learn how to make an interview appointment, pay the visa application fee and much more.

Attendee Letter of Invitation

If you need a visa and are registered to attend Ai-Med Global Summit 2024, you can download the letter here for your visa application (you must fill in your contact information).

If you still have questions or need any additional information, please contact

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The entire crew that organized the event was extremely professional and easy to work with. 


Excellent conference. I and my colleagues have shared experience widely in company and LinkedIn. Kudos to Dr. Chang, Freddy White, and the AiMed team!