The reality is that no matter how great the content, speakers, production values, the most important thing for sponsors is to meet the right people.

Over the years, we have worked hard to create an audience mix that will deliver the best ROI for our clients.

Below, we have tried to be as granular as possible to map out exactly who you can expect to meet at Ai-Med.





Over the summer, we teamed up with a data annotation company to segment our data into key personas. This means we can now focus our webinar marketing like a laser. Because while quantity is fun, quality is what we all need! We'd rather deliver 100 good leads than 800 irrelevant ones.

Here's a breakdown of our key personas and the total numbers we have for each:

As a clinician led organization this group plays a vital role in the adoption of AI. We work hard to make our events CME & CNE certified for 2024 to support this audience persona. 


We have 10,390 number in our database 

Payer / Provider Clinical leaders. These executives are responsible for the clinical aspects of the organization, such as patient care, quality, and safety. Titles include chief medical officer (CMO), chief nursing officer (CNO), and chief quality officer (CQO)


We have 13,509 in our database 

Payer / Provider  Administrative leaders. These executives are responsible for the non-clinical aspects of the organization, such as finance, operations, and human resources. Titles include the chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), and chief operating officer (COO) 


We have 28,487 in our database 

Payer / Provider  Strategic leaders. These executives are responsible for the long-term vision and strategy of the organization. Titles include the chief strategy officer (CSO), chief innovation officer (CIO), and chief digital officer (CDO) 


We have 1,807 in our database 

An important part of our audience and ultimately the future of AI in medicine. We are aware that this group does not have the buying power today and our sponsors and exhibitors are not really coming to meet them. None the less, we care about this group deeply and always love the energy they bring. 


We have 1,692 in our database 

This includes vendors, media, legal and consultants. All important stakeholders we just like to control the numbers to keep a good balance. 


We have 18,840 in our database 


AiMED was an impactful and insightful event. Our team felt that we had high-quality discussions on AI deployment with key stakeholders at AiMED23. We look forward to sponsoring the 2024 event.  


Karla Sartori, Head of US Marketing, Bayer Radiology Digital Solutions


It was a great event. I brought one of our cofounders to this meeting and he really enjoyed the event. We are excited to be part of this community and want to grow with the AIMED community as AI becomes more and more prevalent in medicine.

Hannah Chan, MD, MHM, Chief Operating Officer at Skinopathy