Shaun Garcia
Chief Quality Officer
Brevard Health Alliance
Shaun Garcia is a distinguished healthcare executive, an Aspen Institute Fellow, and a member of the National Association of Community Health Center Innovation Advisory Council. As the Chief Quality Officer at Brevard Health Alliance in Florida, he has transformed patient care through strategic innovation, operational insight, and a commitment to value-based care. His pioneering work leverages data analytics, operational efficiency, and financial strategy to enhance healthcare delivery.

With extensive experience in clinical/business operations, population health, and healthcare data and informatics, Shaun is a thought leader in the industry. His submission to Edward Marx's HIMSS Book Series, "Voices of Innovation," highlights his ability to navigate the complexities of healthcare analytics with simplicity, clarity, and collaboration.

As a respected panelist, healthcare startup advisor, and invited venture chair, he bridges the divide between IT and clinical realms. His involvement with technology startups and passion for integrating AI into healthcare reflects his belief in the transformative power of technology. Shaun is particularly enthusiastic about AI's potential to rejuvenate the healthcare sector and reduce burnout.

Under his guidance, Brevard Health Alliance has become a source of inspiration for the wider healthcare community. Shaun's contributions align with objectives to establish strong teamwork and governance frameworks, extract tangible returns on technology investments, and emphasize strategic planning and a focus on delivering real value.

Shaun holds an MD and is an alumnus of New York Medical College, an MS in Healthcare Delivery Science from Dartmouth College, and an MS in Health Informatics and Analytics from Tufts University School of Medicine. He also received MPH training from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Shaun is a member of the Honos Civicus Society at Tufts, recognizing his meaningful service, leadership, and contributions to civic life. His numerous certificates in value-based healthcare delivery, artificial intelligence, data science, digital transformation, enterprise risk management, and innovation demonstrate his commitment to lifelong learning and leveraging data-driven insights for healthcare transformation.
Shaun Garcia