AI leaders from MSKCC, Activ Surgical, Centaur Labs and Microsoft on Building AI across Healthcare

If there ever was a “Year of AI”, it would be 2023. With the launch of new general purpose services like GPT-3, as well as specialized services like MedPalm for healthcare, AI was center-stage, shaking the foundations of every industry. With so much focus on AI alone, the critical human-AI partnership has taken a backseat - the ‘better together’ idea of humans collaborating with AI, to both build new tools, and to get higher quality work done more efficiently. 

In this webinar, experienced healthcare AI leaders working across areas like dermatology, surgery, and radiology discuss the nuances of the human/AI partnership. They’ll discuss the critical role that clinicians play in helping to build AI, provide feedback to model developers, and eventually collaborate with new AI-powered tools. 

●    Understand how leading researchers and medical AI leaders are building AI, with a focus on the critical role clinicians play
●    Understand how clinicians will collaborate with new AI-powered tools in the areas of dermatology, surgery, radiology and beyond.
●    Understand how you/experts can get involved in building medical AI 
●    Understand how to leverage Centaur Labs throughout the AI development lifecycle


Thursday, December 14, 2023
AI spotlight: Leaders from MSKCC, Activ Surgical, Centaur Labs and Microsoft on Building AI across Healthcare12:00 PM - 1:00 PMView Session


Matt Lungren
Chief Medical Information Officer - Nuance Communications
Dr. Lungren is Chief Medical Information Officer at Microsoft+Nuance. As a physician and clinical machine learning researcher, he has a part-time clinical practice at UCSF while also maintaining research and teaching roles for other leading academic medical centers including Stanford and Duke. Prior to joining Microsoft, Dr Lungren was an interventional radiologist and research faculty at Stanford University Medical School where he led the Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI). His scientific work has led to more than 150 publications, including work on multi-modal data fusion models for healthcare applications, new computer vision and natural language processing approaches for healthcare specific domains, opportunistic screening with machine learning for public health applications, open medical data as public good, and prospective clinical trials for clinical AI translation. He has served as advisor for early stage startups and large fortune-500 companies on healthcare AI technology development and go-to-market strategy. Dr. Lungren's work has been featured in national news outlets such as NPR, Vice News, Scientific American, and he regularly speaks at national and international scientific meetings on the topic of AI in healthcare.
Matt Lungren
Erik Duhaime
Cofounder and CEO
Centaur Labs
Erik Duhaime, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Centaur Labs, a venture-backed startup that provides a platform and services for scalable data annotation. The company focuses on skilled data annotation tasks - especially those in the medical and scientific domains - and works with leading biotechnology companies, medical device companies, digital health startups, and researchers at leading academic medical centers. The company is based on his PhD research at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence on how to best measure the performance of data annotators, motivate them, and intelligently combine their opinions. Prior to his PhD, Erik completed his BA in Economics and Biology at Brown University, and his MPhil in Human Evolution at the University of Cambridge.
Erik Duhaime
Dr. Veronica Rotemberg
Director of the Dermatology Imaging Informatics Group
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Veronica Rotemberg, MD, PhD is the director of the Dermatology Imaging Informatics Group, an organization within Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center focused on developing, benchmarking, and validating artificial intelligence (AI) tools for dermatologic applications, especially melanoma detection. The group also explores model development, human-AI interaction, and prospective validation of image classification tools. In collaboration with the International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC), the group also develops and hosts large imaging datasets for dermatology AI research, and proposes both imaging standards for interoperability, and metadata standards for AI development and for dermatology clinical applications. Dr. Rotemberg received her MD-PhD from Duke University with a PhD in biomedical engineering focusing on elasticity imaging.
Dr. Veronica Rotemberg
Tom Calef
Chief Technology Officer
Activ Surgical
Mr. Calef is a highly accomplished medical roboticist and seasoned engineering leader who has delivered breakthrough innovation in surgical robotics. Previously, he was the Director of Advanced Robotics at Medrobotics, where he led the development and release of the first flexible surgical robotics platform, grew the engineering team from two to 50 people, and guided numerous surgical robotics products through 510k clearance. He holds both a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.
Tom Calef


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